Linear RGBW luminaire for signage

At ATTIKKAL we manufacture all types of customised luminaires. In this case, our client has asked us for outdoor lighting for signage, which is generally placed on the back or front of the sign or billboard to provide uniform lighting and highlight the content of the sign.

Signage lighting fixtures typically have a slim, elongated design with one or more rows of LED lights arranged in a line. They are available in different lengths and power ratings to suit specific customer dimensions and needs.

These luminaires are designed to withstand adverse weather conditions, such as rain, humidity and exposure to sunlight, as they are installed outdoors. They also have additional protection against dust and corrosion.

The main objective of a sign lighting line is to provide uniform, high-visibility illumination of the sign, ensuring that the content is clearly legible both day and night. Some lighting lines also offer control options for adjusting light intensity, colour, and creating dynamic lighting effects.

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