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At Attikkal we like to innovate to be always at the forefront. That’s why we have transformed aquatic lighting with new products, applications and effects. Find out what we can do for your aquatic lighting project.

Aquatic lighting
with fiber optic

Aquatic fiber optic lighting offers thousands of possibilities in terms of lighting effects. In addition, the lighting fiber optic allows illuminating pools with ionic filtration without electrolysis problems.

Fiber optic is therefore an ideal solution for the creation of starry bottoms in pools or fountains, fiber optic waterfalls or fiber optic pool lights.

Swimming pools with starry floor

We can recreate the night sky on the floor of your pool. In addition, we program with domotic control the starry floor with fiber optics so that you can give the stars or the moon the color you want separately.

Judge the differences for yourself...

No starry floor
With starry floor

Fiber optic waterfall

Get a different effect by combining waterfalls with fiber optic lighting. A whole range of effects and colors.

Our engineering team will be in charge of the planimetry of the waterfall itself. We will be there to help you from the very beginning until the project is completed.

Fiber optic spotlights

We manufacture aquatic fiber optic lights in 316 stainless steel, polymer and ABS, adapting the optics to the needs.

LED lighting

We offer, in a customized way and 100% manufactured by us, LED luminaire in all formats (monochrome, RGB, RGBW) suitable for various aquatic elements manufactured in bi-component resins to achieve an IP68 finish.

IP68 LED strips

With Attikkal IP68 LED Strips you can illuminate the perimeter of your pool

We can resin any luminaire.
100% custom made

In linear format and with methacrylate finish, we manufacture IP68 luminaires with resins, incorporating PCBS of various formats depending on the needs. We can adapt to all lengths and shapes.

LED pool lights

We have a wide range of 16 stainless steel finishes, both surface and recessed, available in monochrome and RGB with different control systems.

Do you want more information?

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