Cielo estrellado fibra optica iluminado con fuente de luz azul

Fiber Optic Starry Sky in Ubrike (Spain): Elegance and Energy Efficiency

Combining personalised design, energy efficiency and home automation to transform spaces.

Fibre optic starry skies are decorative elements characterised by their low energy consumption, their lack of maintenance and the elegance they bring to spaces. We have recently had the opportunity to carry out a complete starry sky project in Ubrike, from the planimetry to the installation and domotisation.

The use of fibre optics in these starry skies makes it possible to achieve amazing lighting effects without electric current or heat generation in the stars, guaranteeing a safe and comfortable environment. In addition, the remote control system makes it easy to adjust colour, intensity and other lighting effects creatively and without limits to suit our customers’ preferences.

At Attikkal, we pride ourselves on offering customised and efficient design solutions, such as this starry sky in Ubrike, which combines aesthetics and functionality to transform any space. We understand that each project is unique, and our personalised approach ensures that our clients receive design solutions that perfectly suit their needs and lifestyles. Our fibre optic starry sky at Ubrike is an excellent example of how we can combine technology, design and sustainability to create truly stunning and memorable environments.

The implementation of home automation in our projects makes it possible to easily integrate and control the starry sky with other smart systems and devices in the home or commercial space. This provides our customers with a more convenient and efficient user experience, with the ability to control and customise lighting and other aspects of the environment from a single device or application.

In addition, the use of environmentally friendly materials and technologies in projects such as this starry sky reflects our commitment to sustainability and care for the environment. We aim to minimise the environmental impact of our design solutions, while delivering high quality products and services that improve the lives of our customers.

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