Renovating 4 ornamental fountains

At Attikkal, we believe that fountains are not just decorative elements, but vital meeting points that bring life and beauty to urban spaces. This is why we are proud to share with you one of our most recent projects: the renovation of four emblematic ornamental fountains in the city of Alzira (Valencia, Spain).

Integral ornamental fountain in Plaza de la Cruz Roja in Oviedo

At Attikkal, we are proud to present one of our most emblematic and visually striking projects: the integral creation of the Ornamental Fountain in the Plaza de la Cruz Roja in Oviedo. This project not only demonstrates our capacity and expertise in design and technology, but also underlines our dedication to beautifying urban spaces, thus […]

Ornamental fountain in Meliana (Spain)

We have recently completed another comprehensive ornamental fountain project. Specifically, it was commissioned by Meliana Town Council, with a fountain measuring 12 metres long and approximately 4 metres wide. The project, water, electrical, building finishing and home automation is 100% in-house developed. On this last point, to facilitate the management of the fountain’s maintenance, a […]

Water fountain in public square of La Palma

Ornamental fountains are decorative elements that combine moving water with lighting, generating true experiences that transmit elegance and balance. These projects are always a challenge that we love to take on, but recently we had a particularly demanding project. The project consisted of the integral development of an ornamental fountain on the island of La […]