Integral ornamental fountain in Plaza de la Cruz Roja in Oviedo

At Attikkal, we are proud to present one of our most emblematic and visually striking projects: the integral creation of the Ornamental Fountain in the Plaza de la Cruz Roja in Oviedo. This project not only demonstrates our capacity and expertise in design and technology, but also underlines our dedication to beautifying urban spaces, thus improving the quality of life of citizens.

From conception to realisation, we at Attikkal have carried out every stage of this project. The design of the ornamental fountain was the first step, where our team of experts devised a structure that would not only integrate perfectly with Oviedo’s historic surroundings but also provide a visual spectacle in the new square.

The engineering behind the fountain is a testament to our technical excellence. Innovative solutions were implemented to ensure not only the aesthetics but also the functionality and sustainability of the project. Custom-controlled luminaires, advanced electronic switchboards and a complete installation combine to create an unprecedented water and light show.

One of the highlights of the fountain is its home automation control capability, allowing it to be managed via a personalised app. This means that we can offer several programmes for different water effects, making the most of the waterfalls, jets and “fir trees” that make up the fountain. In addition, the RGB lights add an extra dimension of beauty, creating a magical atmosphere that transforms the square into a must-see destination in Oviedo.

The “starry floor”, created with fibre optics using point light sources, is an innovation that adds a touch of magic to the experience, illuminating the space with a soft, starry light that invites contemplation and enjoyment of the night’s beauty.

At Attikkal, we firmly believe in the power of technology to transform spaces and generate experiences. This project in Red Cross Square is a testament to our commitment to innovation and quality. The ornamental fountain in the Red Cross Square is not just a project; it is an example of Attikkal’s vision for the future, where aesthetics, technology and innovation come together to create unique and memorable spaces. It is a reflection of our passion for transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, demonstrating that with the right technology and a highly qualified creative and technical team, we can make the most ambitious projects a reality.

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