Swimming pool with starry floor in a private home in Madrid

We recently completed a comprehensive project for the creation of a starry floor swimming pool in a private home in Madrid. We carry out the entire project: management, construction, supply of materials, installation and development of home automation control.

For the creation of the swimming pool with starry floor we used hundreds of fiber optic light points, which allow a safe and unlimited creative application of the lighting effect desired by the customer. In addition, swimming pools with fiber optic starry floors do not require maintenance, since the lighting effect is achieved by light sources, so there is no current and no heat is generated in the “stars”.

Attikkal self-developed light source for fiber optics

Thanks to the high density of stars generated (with more than 20 meters of optical fiber and 650 points of light for a surface of 35 square meters), we managed to generate an effect as close as possible to bathing in the firmament.

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