Stretched Fabrics: Bridging Technology and Design at the Port of Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)

Discover how Attikkal transformed the lighting at Jeddah Port, combining advanced technology and creative design with tensioned fabrics and DALI home automation control. A turnkey project that redefines efficiency and aesthetics in workspaces.

Recently at Attikkal, we had the opportunity to work on a challenging and rewarding project in the port of Jeddah. This port, one of the most important in terms of trade and logistics in the region, presented us with the unique task of upgrading the lighting in its offices.

Bringing Design and Functionality together:

Faced with the challenge of lighting an office space with an innovative approach, we opted to use tensioned fabrics, a solution that allowed us to play with shapes and dimensions. The figures of semicircles and a large rectangle not only added aesthetics but also improved the light distribution at 4000 Kelvin, with animated effects using the DALI system.

Technology in the Service of Space:

The implementation of DALI technology was a key aspect. This technology allowed us to fully integrate the lighting with the building’s home automation control, creating an environment where light was not only functional but also added value to the workspace. LEDs with 60-degree and 15-degree optics added another layer of customisation to our project.

A Commitment to Quality and Efficiency:

From conceptualisation to execution, we handle all aspects of the project. This included engineering and design, as well as manufacturing and programming of the necessary components. By overseeing every step, we ensured that each element worked in perfect harmony, guaranteeing not only attractive aesthetics but also energy efficiency.


Working on the Jeddah Port was not only a stimulating challenge, but also an opportunity to demonstrate how advanced technology can be fused with creative design to transform a space. At Attikkal, we pride ourselves on providing solutions that not only illuminate but also enrich working environments, and this project in Jeddah is a clear example of our commitment to excellence in lighting design.

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