Ornamental fountain lighting: Create magical scenes with light and water effects.

In this article, we will explore ornamental fountain lighting, a technique that will allow you to create magical and captivating scenarios with light and water effects in your projects. If you are a professional builder, architect or outdoor designer, you will discover how to enhance the beauty of ornamental fountains with the right lighting. Learn about the key steps and lighting options available to create stunning and charming environments.

Key steps for lighting ornamental fountains:

  1. Design and planning: Before starting the installation of the lighting, it is important to carry out a proper design and planning of the ornamental fountain. Determine focal points, key elements and desired effects. This will help you determine the location and type of lighting needed. Each source model requires a different lighting model.
  2. Choice of submersible lights: Choose high quality IP68 waterproof lights that are specifically designed for use in aquatic environments. These lights must be waterproof and capable of creating impressive lighting effects. You can opt for submersible LED lights, fibre optic lighting or even image and laser projectors.
  3. Lighting distribution: Distribute the lighting strategically to highlight the features and movements of the water in the fountain. Place lights in locations that accentuate the jets, waterfalls or architectural details of the fountain without disturbing the view of the spectators. Play with different colours and effects to create surprising atmospheres.
  4. Programming and control: Consider a programming and control system to adjust the lighting according to different sequences and events. This allows you to create synchronised light and water effects and adapt the lighting to different times of the day or special events.

Benefits of ornamental fountain lighting:

  • Magical and captivating atmospheres: The right lighting brings out the beauty and charm of ornamental fountains, creating magical and captivating settings. The play of light and water brings the fountain to life, adding an element of fascination and wonder.
  • Striking visual effects: The combination of lights and water in ornamental fountains creates striking visual effects. You can play with colours, intensities and sequences to achieve a unique and memorable visual spectacle.
  • Aesthetic appeal: Ornamental fountain lighting and the water effects themselves add additional aesthetic appeal to your projects. The lights highlight the architecture and details of the fountain, enhancing its beauty and making it an impressive focal point in the outdoor space.


Ornamental fountain lighting is an effective technique for creating magical and captivating scenes in your projects. With careful planning and the right selection of submersible lights, you can enhance the beauty of fountains and create stunning environments that will leave a lasting impression. Enjoy the magic of the play of light and water in your ornamental fountains and create unique and charming scenarios. Enjoy the magic of the lighting and water effects in your ornamental fountains and create unique and charming scenarios.

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