Vertical garden lighting: Create natural, visually stunning spaces

In this article, we will explore vertical garden lighting, a technique that will allow you to create natural and visually stunning spaces in your projects. If you are a building professional, architect or outdoor designer, you will discover how to highlight and enhance the beauty of vertical gardens with the right lighting. Learn about the key steps and lighting options available to create charming and lively environments.

Key steps for lighting vertical gardens:

  1. Design and planning: Before starting the installation of the lighting, it is important to make a proper design and planning of the vertical garden. Determine the focal points, key areas and plants you want to highlight. This will help you determine the location and type of lighting needed: indoor or outdoor.
  2. Selection of suitable lights: Choose lights that are suitable for outdoor use and that are specifically designed for vertical gardens. You can opt for recessed lights in the floor, accent lights on the walls or even lights suspended from above. Consider the type of lighting (LED, fibre optic, etc.) and the light intensity needed to optimally highlight the plants.
  3. Lighting distribution: Distribute the lighting in a balanced way to highlight both the individual plants and the vertical garden as a whole. Play with the direction, angle and intensity of the light to create interesting visual effects and highlight the beauty of each plant.
  4. Include water: Adding small waterfalls inside our vertical garden will generate an even more natural effect, while providing a more relaxing noise to the room where it is installed.
  5. Programming and control: Consider a programming and control system to adjust lighting according to the time of day or specific needs. This allows you to create different moods and lighting effects throughout the day and adapt the lighting to different occasions.

Benefits of vertical garden lighting:

  • Bring out the natural beauty: The right lighting brings out the beauty of the plants in the vertical garden, creating a visually stunning effect. The lights highlight the colours, textures and shapes of the plants, adding an element of magic and charm to the space.
  • Cosy atmospheres: Vertical garden lighting creates cosy and relaxing atmospheres, both during the day and at night. You can play with the intensity and colour of the light to create different moods, from soft and warm to vibrant and dynamic lighting.
  • Durability and efficiency: LED lights and other energy-efficient lighting options allow you to enjoy long-lasting, energy-efficient lighting for your vertical garden projects.

Vertical garden lighting is an effective technique to highlight and enhance the beauty of natural spaces in your projects. With careful planning and the right selection of lights, you can create enchanting and visually stunning environments that will captivate your customers and clients. Enjoy vertical gardens full of life and create unique and surprising natural spaces.

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